How We Walk


Here at For Your Paws, the emphasis is on giving your dog a little bit of care, entertainment and socialisation during a lonely day.

Your dog will never be in a walkie group of more than four furry friends, which we feel offers the optimal ratio of group socialisation to individual attention.

We tailor our walks to the size and speed of your dog, and look to pair similar ages, sizes and energy levels. We look to pair dogs who we think will get on, meaning your dog will always have a friend to walk with.

This group approach gives us a competitive price structure and savings that we can pass on to you.

Before we start walking with your dog, we would like to spend a few minutes in both your and your dogs company (at no extra cost!), ensuring that both you and your dog are comfortable with your walker.

During this time we take detailed notes of likes and dislikes, favoured routes and favourite toys. This helps put For Your Paws one foot ahead of the competition.

(P.S. Want us to feed and water your dog after his walk? Let us know and we can incorporate this into your service plan!)