Meet Bruno and the Team

Bruno is the pup who inspired the walk. A loveable yet energetic Beagle, the bulk of his walks fell on his Mum, who had to give morning, evening and lunchtime walks, whilst fitting this in to a 37.5 hour working week.

This was both tiring Mum, and taking her away from her job as she had to rush around on her lunch break trying to feed, walk and water Bruno in 60 minutes - no mean feat!

For Your Paws is run by Mum's daughter, Marianne. A dedicated dog lover and part time student, she took over the dog walks to take the pressure off Mum. After taking on walks for the neighbours, the business began to blossom.

Larry, (Marianne's Dad) is the final member of the team, who specialises in BIG dogs and LONG walks. A German Shepard fanatic, his experience in dog training, obedience and welfare is intuitive and natural.

Please see below for some family pics!

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